Returning Citizens

Returning Citizens – Feature Documentary  (post-production)

One in ten DC residents have been incarcerated. Calling themselves “Returning Citizens”, this population is now banding together to lead the charge on what they see as the last bastion of a civil human rights issue. From freshly released individuals trying to find shelter, to activists who have successfully re-entered, Returning Citizens focuses on a passionate, close-knit community of individuals who are looking for a second chance – or perhaps a chance they never had to begin with.

“Returning Citizens” will cast a light on what is needed in order to provide the formerly incarcerated, who have paid their debt to society, with a true second chance.

Director – Saffron Cassaday
Writer – Saffron Cassaday, Brenda Rusnak
Production Company – The Best Part Inc.
Release Date – April, 2017
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