Cyber-Seniors Documentary

Cyber-Seniors – Feature Documentary (Completed)

Teenaged mentors lead a group of senior citizens on a magical journey to discover the Internet that results in a lively YouTube competition unleashing hidden talents and competitive spirits. Click here to go to the film website.


“The talent that it took to balance all of these factors and to put forth a film so beautiful and meaningful is incredibly impressive. Saffron Cassaday is one to watch.” – Cat Edison, Screen Invasion

“Alternately charming, hilarious, and poignant.” – Maria Shriver, NBC News

“Touching” – Katherine Vu, Village Voice and LA Weekly

“Inspirational.” “Wise and downright funny.” – Doris Toumarkine, Film Journal International

“The laughs come naturally. But just like Ellen DeGeneres is able to poke fun at people and have them laugh along, Cassaday can do—and does—the same.” – Jan Bolder, Living Senior


Cyber-Seniors is available on the following platforms and on broadcast television around the world!

Google Play
Cyber-Seniors Store

Director – Saffron Cassaday
Writer(s) – Saffron Cassaday, Brenda Rusnak
Production Company – The Best Part Inc.
Release Date – April 2014
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