Designer $hit

In Designer $hit, Director Saffron Cassaday is at her wit’s end after suffering from ulcerative colitis for nearly a decade. Desperate to find a cure for her debilitating chronic condition, she meets with leading experts around the world, and sets off on a journey to find a way to access Fecal Transplantation. 


Deeply personal and laced with humour and romance, this bold documentary offers a unique perspective of this emerging medical breakthrough, seen from a patient’s point of view.




Genre:  Documentary 

Release Date: 2023

Run Time: 69 mins

Director: Saffron Cassaday

Writer: Saffron Cassaday

Producer: Brenda Rusnak


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Ryan Devir

Film Threat

“A sign of a great documentary is to walk away thinking, “Do people know about this?! People should know about this!” and Designer $hit will absolutely get you talking and googling once the credits roll.”
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Chris Jones

Overly Honest
Movie Reviews

“Designer $hit seamlessly juxtaposes humour, love, and scientific discovery.  It serves as a poignant reminder, urging viewers to re-evaluate healthcare perspectives and question our relentless healthcare pursuits.  It’s more than just a visual treat; It’s a catalyst for introspection on life’s myriad facets.”
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Stefan Chiarantano

The Extra Mile

“Don’t let this gem of a film slip through your fingers.  “Designer $hit” is a gut-wrenching (pun not intended) tour de force, and deserving of your undivided attention.  Beyond its cinematic allure, this documentary carries the weight of education and the ability to kindle hope in those battling Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, and beyond.”
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Addison Wylie

Wylie Writes

“As informative as the documentary is, weirdly enough, Designer $hit could also work as a rom-com.”
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